Dire Straits in Portland

Voters wondering what the future might bring under a Biden-Harris administration, or what is more likely to be a Harris administration, might look no further than the progressive paradise of Portland, Oregon. Mayor Ted Wheeler, up for re-election and behind in the polls as we speak, just let taxpayers know that the city will be giving away $1.4 million worth of pre-paid VISA cards to 2800 people of voting age. That’s $500 per potential voter … that is, per applicant.

The criteria, naturally, does not include U.S. citizenship or a valid social security number. Applicants must have experienced a loss of income or “have elevated health risk due to COVID-19 related factors”, the latter being open to some interpretation. The county website says “people of color are overrepresented in cases and more likely to experience complications from the virus”, so we might infer that race and ethnicity will be grounds for approval.

The media usually glosses over the fine print and will probably ignore the subtleties here. Normally, financial assistance is tied solely to financial need. Not so in Portland. Roiled by some 150 days of riots and protests, the streets a depressing mix of graffiti and concrete campers, desperate politicians are taking their cues from Dire Straits and may be passing out money for nothing.

Mayor Wheeler was tear gassed earlier this year while attending a protest in Portland.

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