Jews for Trump

How to make sense of the shifting political winds? A dozen years ago, knowing that Jewish voters would support a Democrat candidate was as certain as being able to count the genders on two fingers. Not any more. Trump got 24% of the Jewish vote in 2016. Now, in the fall of 2020, Jews are rolling out massive demonstrations of public support.

Is it because Obama was not much of a friend to Israel while Trump recognized Jerusalem as the nation’s capital? Is it blowback from COVID lockdowns by Democrat mayors and governors? Orthodox Jews have been burning their masks in demonstrations of public outrage. Is it because Jews fear a breakdown in law and order and the rise of anti-Semitism? Because Trump has a Jewish son-in-law? Because he brokered peace deals between Israel and three Muslim-majority nations? All of the above?

Writing in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Benyamin Rose wrote:

We have watched in dread as this summer’s legitimate demonstrations against police brutality against Black Americans quickly gave way to rioting and looting, with big-city mayors looking the other way. Jewish businesses were targeted at a time when Orthodox Jews, with their unique dress, are already on edge, having been singled out for beatings and assaults in increasing numbers in recent years.

This weekend Jews held massive pro-Trump rallies in the Democrat stronghold of New York.

This didn’t sit well with Antifa/BLM militants who pelted the cars with eggs and rocks.

One survey showed 83% of Orthodox Jews plan to vote Trump. That alone won’t be enough to flip New York, but what if the sentiment spreads to the wider Jewish population? To people who care deeply about the fate of Israel? Don’t expect to see Cher and Streisand stumping for Trump, but ordinary people, folks who’ve seen their family businesses decimated by lockdowns and looting, might be saying Orange Man Good.

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This new wave of support has been met, as always, by violence from the militant Left. Antifa have been pelting the pro-Trump rallies with eggs, tossing rocks at car from highway overpasses and getting into street brawls with Trump supporters. This should concern all of us. At some point, the victimized will push back and become the aggressors. We have here all the makings of a Civil War. Is it bug out time yet?

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