Slave Trader Joe

Judging from the treatment Trader Joe’s has been receiving from Black Lives Matter protesters, you’d think the eclectic grocery chain had been trafficking in human servitude. Ol’ Joe has increasingly become a target of antifa and BLM activists. Hostile crowds are repeatedly mobbing TJs stores in Seattle, making loud demands and intimidating customers.

They’re not likely to get much pushback from the woke rank and file staff, who have been pushing management to let them wear BLM insignia on the job. One Trader Joe’s was forced to close after staff walked out to attend a Black Lives Matter protest.

Why is Trader Joe’s being targeted? This is not Wal-Mart. Employees in the non-union chain get above average pay and benefits, and there’s opportunity for advancement to management jobs even for workers without a college degree. Since COVID, the employee discount has been doubled. Earlier this year, management declared an end to supposedly “racist” branding. The whimsical use of Trader Jose on Mexican foods or Trader Ming on Asian condiments has been banned. The company has worked to open stores in underserved predominantly black communities, only to face opposition from, activists opposed to “gentrification”.

This is what the Left calls “having a conversation about race”

Not good enough! Not woke enough! Trader Joe’s won’t allow employees to wear Black Lives Matter buttons or garb on the job. Well, clearly they’re a bunch of racists. That’s their crime. Gotta put an end to that.

Explanation: The ban isn’t aimed specifically at Black Lives Matter. Trader Joe’s business model is to provide an outstanding customer experience. Toward that end, the company prohibits the wearing of any political garb that might cause customers to feel uncomfortable. Or irritated. The chain used to tell workers to cover up tattoos (some store may still do this) because they didn’t fit the company image.

To put this into Woke-Speak, TJ’s doesn’t want to trigger their customers. They’re trying to be inclusive, not divisive. They want Trader Joe’s to be a safe space. Get it? Now can we please just shop in peace?

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