Gaslighting Portland

Forty-eight hours from now, Ted Wheeler may no longer be Mayor of Portland, Oregon. These may be his last days presiding over the City of Riots, and it’s clear Ted hasn’t learned a thing after 150-plus days of watching left-wing militants destroy his city.

Since George Floyd’s death, Portland has been under constant assault from violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups. Sometimes they use the cover of “mostly peaceful protesters” to do their dirty work. Sometimes there isn’t even a pretense of protest, such as the night they destroyed windows at the Oregon Historical Society (an extremely progressive organization) and toppled statues of Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. Ted’s response to the looting, arson, vandalism, driver intimidation and highway shutdowns and murder of a Trump supporter, has been to tie the hands of his beleaguered police department as much as possible, with stand-down orders and a ban on tear gas.

This hasn’t won any points with the hoodlums destroying the city, who laughed when Ted himself got tear gassed and troll him on Twitter, screaming for him to resign. Left-wing activists created so much trouble outside Ted’s $840,000 condo, he’s told neighbors he will be moving out.

Ted and other top Democrats sign on the lie that right wing groups are behind the violence.

I’ve said it before, the primary responsibility of government is public safety, to protect citizens. And so Ted is stepping up and taking aim at the huge threat facing the city: “white supremists.” (I think he means “supremacists”. ) Wow! So it’s patriot groups burning American flags and blinding cops with lasers? Who woulda thunk?

The is gaslighting in the first degree. Yes, there are right-wing groups such the the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer who hold rallies in Portland, and sometimes there are physical altercations between them and counter-protesters. But for the record, Ted, Proud Boys’ leader Enrique Tarrio is half black, half Cuban. Proud Boys denounces racism on their web site. They have black members and white members married to black women. Proud Boys are no white supremacists.

Patriot Prayer is a pro-gun, pro-Trump conservative group that holds occasional rallies in Portland. This summer, a Patriot Prayer member was ambushed, shot and killed in cold blood while simply walking down a Portland street.

In the People’s Republic of Portland, carrying an American flag makes you a Nazi. Saying you love America is hate speech. Supporting the sitting president is fascism. The Democratic leaders in Oregon are sympathetic to Antifa. The Democratic leaders in Oregon will label any group that supports Trump, gun rights or conservative views as “right-wing extremists”, “hate groups” and “white supremacists” with little regard for the truth.

This is gaslighting on a mass scale. This is Orwellian. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength. No member of any of these groups has been arrested for looting, attacking police, setting fire to businesses, bullying innocent people, breaking windows or blocking interstates. There’s simply no evidence that these groups pose any threat to Portland, other than the threat of voicing ideas that contradict the far-left narrative.


Footnote: As businesses boarded up across America, anticipating election day violence, some painted “We Support BLM” on the plywood shields. Were they worried about right wing groups?

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