Living in the Past

Attack of the COVID Karens

Imagine having a volunteer workforce willing to do all your dirty work — and at no charge! World governments have, for the most part, done a lousy job of containing the pandemic, but they’ve outperformed themselves when it comes to recruiting a brigade of snitches and public shamers. We now have an army of COVID … Continue reading Attack of the COVID Karens

COVID Slave Nations

The history of humankind, regrettably, is a history of slavery, practiced in every corner of the globe. The Roman Empire’s business model was built on conquest and enslavement. Conquered peoples were subjugated and paid taxes to Rome, or individuals were taken captive and put to work in the capital city, not only as domestic servants … Continue reading COVID Slave Nations

The Fear Pandemic

Have we lost our minds? Have we learned nothing from the past? What could possibly inspire millions of seemingly rational people to engage in a mass human experiment with a minimally-tested brand-spanking new technology with potentially dire results? I’m talking about the mRNA COVID vaccines, of course, and the answer is simple. Fear. We are … Continue reading The Fear Pandemic

Vaccination Passports

With 2021 and a big government Biden-Harris administration looming just around the corner, some Americans are nervously facing the specter of vaccination passports. The land of the free and the home of brave has mutated into a nation of safe spaces and protection from hurtful speech, so you can bet your stimulus check the government … Continue reading Vaccination Passports


The moment we feared – those of us with our eyes open — is upon us. Coronavirus, no longer happy to be last year’s COVID-19, is mutating into a more highly infectious form. So far, the new strain has been detected in England and a slightly different version in South Africa. That alone should send … Continue reading COVID-20

Prepping for 2021

2020 turned ordinary suburbanites into insta-preppers.  Toilet paper grabbed the headlines and dominated the memes because, let’s face it, the twelve-year-old in all of us knows just where the TP is going even if nobody talks about it.  Less humorous but equally essential are all the basics our local Costco ran out of for weeks, … Continue reading Prepping for 2021

Oregon’s Woke Pandemic

It’s an emergency, for sure. Not only do we have a deadly virus sweeping the country, but a plague of political correctness. In progressive states like Oregon the two pathogens have merged to produce offenses like this graphic, posted on Twitter today by Governor Kate Brown. For readers living in the 49 other states, this … Continue reading Oregon’s Woke Pandemic

Paradise Lost

One of my favorite YouTubers for bug out videos is a Canadian named Shawn James. Shawn’s two channels — My Self Reliance and Shawn James Off Grid are a wealth of well-produced videos for the DIY off-grid enthusiast. You can watch Shawn build a beautiful back woods cabin, with no help, completely by hand. No … Continue reading Paradise Lost

Age of Miracles

The mainstream media is awash with vaccine news, almost all of it hopeful and cautiously upbeat. Help is on the way! Or as Oregon’s hapless Governor tweeted “hope is on the way.” Right now there’s no hope, but it’s coming folks, in the form of miracle vaccinations. The miracle is that vaccines normally take up … Continue reading Age of Miracles

Double Vision

Now you see it – now you don’t. Seems everybody can have their own truth these days, but it’s darn hard to keep track of what’s what when that truth keeps changing. There was a time when CNN reported that Dominion Voting Systems’ Smartmatic software was used to switch votes in a Venezuelan Election. Today? … Continue reading Double Vision

Formula News

Most nights I watch NBC Nightly News, not because they are more or less accurate or biased than the other major new channels, but because they package everything into a single, commercial-free YouTube. I can catch up on what the MSM is saying (and not saying) at my leisure. There are clear patterns to NBC’s … Continue reading Formula News

Banned Lawsuits

Attorney Sidney Powell filed two lawsuits alleging election fraud on November 25. These are public documents, but Twitter has (at this writing) blocked access to her site. Here are the links.

The Covid Games

These barely United States of America are looking more and more like the dystopian word of Panem, the fictitious nation in The Hunger Games where the country was divided into 12 Districts to keep the rebellious plebs in line while the ruling class doled out favors and punishments as it saw fit. Barely a week … Continue reading The Covid Games

The Edge of Revolt

You say you want a revolution? Sure seems like our clueless leaders are cooking up one heck of a revolt. We’ve watched mayors and governors sit on their hands as rioters destroyed businesses, vandalised public property, committed acts of arson and attacked police. A handful get nabbed and most of them are tossed back on … Continue reading The Edge of Revolt

Election Fraud – The Evidence

The degree to which the mainstream media is now lying to the American people is terrifying. This is propaganda on a scale we’ve never seen before. It’s even worse than the Big Tech coverups, because you can still hear an opposing point of view on Facebook and Twitter. Last night, I watched NBC’s Lester Holt … Continue reading Election Fraud – The Evidence

Tightening the Noose

A few days ago I asked why governors are passing rules they can’t enforce and people won’t follow. Since then, it turns out even the governors won’t follow their own rules, like when California head honcho Gavin Newsom attended a 12-person birthday party. Ooops. Reality hasn’t set in. Maybe the blue states are feeling emboldened … Continue reading Tightening the Noose

Anti-Vaxxer Bug Out

The next big battle — bigger maybe than masks or lockdowns — will be fought over vaccinations. An anti-vaxxer friend of mine confided that her family is planning to move and she’s researching states that support medical freedom. She identified South Dakota, a red state, as prime territory. Oklahoma is also on the list, as … Continue reading Anti-Vaxxer Bug Out

Lockdown 2.0

The assaults on personal freedom are spreading faster than coronavirus. The governors of Washington, Oregon and California are asking people to end non-essential travel. And some are hinting that pretty soon, requests could become requirements. Like a lot of the lockdown nonsense, these arbitrary rules make no medical sense at all. For example in Oregon: … Continue reading Lockdown 2.0

Are you kidding me!?

Just what are they smoking in those state capitols? As coronavirus sweeps the nation, the governors are clamping down. Flashbacks to March, 2020. Gyms, restaurants closed. Capacity limits in stores. And rules that most people will refuse to follow. Anybody traveling into or out of California, Oregon or Washington must self-quarantine for 14 days. That’ll … Continue reading Are you kidding me!?

Bizarro World

Imagine a world where dangerous drugs are illegal, but pumping your own gas is considered so unsafe, it’s grounds for arrest. That’s life in the bizarro world of Oregon. Like the backwards cube-shaped world in the Superman comic books, where Earth was called Htrae, Nogero has gone from a quirky land of liberals to inside-out … Continue reading Bizarro World

Heartbreak Nation

There’s no measuring the mental and emotional damage the CoronaVirus lockdowns, both mandatory and self-imposed, have caused. We can’t put a number on it that makes for a good sound bite on the nightly news. Still, the heartbreaking stories are everywhere on the internet. I haven’t seen a loved one in almost a year. When … Continue reading Heartbreak Nation

Shit’s Just Inches From Fan

WTF is going on?! Folks are getting fired and retired left and right at the Pentagon. Shown the door. And don’t let it hit you in the ass! Has Trump lost his mind? Is he using his last days in office to indulge in a little Presidential payback? Far from it. We’re getting our first … Continue reading Shit’s Just Inches From Fan

Joe’s Secret COVID Plan

For months, Joe Biden has been telling the media he has a plan for COVID. The plan, apparently, is top secret, the details kept firmly under wraps. You’d think that the compassionate thing to do would be to put that plan out there right now and save as many lives as possible. Hey, at least … Continue reading Joe’s Secret COVID Plan

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

Delirious Democrats were dancing in the streets this weekend, even as President Trump refused to concede and his campaign readied dozens of lawsuits to contest the results of the 2020 election. Allegations of improprieties have been flying fast and furious on social media. For mainstream media it’s a done deal as the narrative shifts rapidly … Continue reading Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

Gaslighting Portland

Forty-eight hours from now, Ted Wheeler may no longer be Mayor of Portland, Oregon. These may be his last days presiding over the City of Riots, and it’s clear Ted hasn’t learned a thing after 150-plus days of watching left-wing militants destroy his city. Since George Floyd’s death, Portland has been under constant assault from … Continue reading Gaslighting Portland

Social Justice Prosecutors

Quietly, across America, a seditious revolution has begun. And they didn’t have to fire a single shot. Progressive lawyers running as reformists have won office as District Attorneys and are flat out refusing to prosecute lawbreakers. In a year roiled by rioting, looting and arson, we can see the results of this radical movement as … Continue reading Social Justice Prosecutors


Democrats are praying that this election sends a message that Donald Trump was an aberration, a narcissistic con man who managed to cheat his way into the White House. They believe history will record him as an illegitimate president undeserving of the office. They’re blind to what has happened in America. Trump has done something … Continue reading Ever-Trumpers

Mayhem and Mega-Riots

As I write this, Philadelphia is preparing for a third night of violence and looting following the shooting of a black man who was coming at police with an 8-inch knife. Philly’s recently appointed police chief, Danielle Outlaw, may be questioning her decision to leave the former post as Chief in Portland, Oregon. Portland has … Continue reading Mayhem and Mega-Riots

Lies and Consequences

In her October 25, 2020 “60 Minutes” interview, Kamala Harris called President Trump a racist, a charge she has made before. This was one of the few times that she actually answered a question without laughing — or even answered a question at all — and she even offered arguments for her charge: “You can … Continue reading Lies and Consequences

No Pads, No Peace!

Each injustice, every soul-destroying twist of the knife, every degradation, no matter how brief or how minor, is now insta-magnified and broadcast around the planet by social media. The morning coffee hadn’t even cooled enough to sip when I learned that a woman in Wales was denied – banned! – from buying feminine hygiene products … Continue reading No Pads, No Peace!

Jews for Trump

How to make sense of the shifting political winds? A dozen years ago, knowing that Jewish voters would support a Democrat candidate was as certain as being able to count the genders on two fingers. Not any more. Trump got 24% of the Jewish vote in 2016. Now, in the fall of 2020, Jews are … Continue reading Jews for Trump

Slave Trader Joe

Judging from the treatment Trader Joe’s has been receiving from Black Lives Matter protesters, you’d think the eclectic grocery chain had been trafficking in human servitude. Ol’ Joe has increasingly become a target of antifa and BLM activists. Hostile crowds are repeatedly mobbing TJs stores in Seattle, making loud demands and intimidating customers. They’re not … Continue reading Slave Trader Joe

Dire Straits in Portland

Voters wondering what the future might bring under a Biden-Harris administration, or what is more likely to be a Harris administration, might look no further than the progressive paradise of Portland, Oregon. Mayor Ted Wheeler, up for re-election and behind in the polls as we speak, just let taxpayers know that the city will be … Continue reading Dire Straits in Portland

Urban OutQuitters

The mainstream media isn’t talking about this, although we can bet the 6 and 7-figure talking heads have already got their well-stocked comfy hideaways locked and loaded, the best of those boasting private airstrips and fuel tank caches topped off with high test. They’re not talking, but across America, middle class folks are quietly bugging … Continue reading Urban OutQuitters

Fire and ICE

You’ve got to feel for the beleaguered residents of the South Waterfront neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility there has been the site of numerous protests in recent years, including a 5-week Occupy in 2018, but the chaos went into overdrive after the death of George Floyd. Floyd’s demise had … Continue reading Fire and ICE

October 21 * 2020

Two weeks remain until the election, and people are getting nervous. Excited nervous, and not for all the right reasons. A spin through the Twitterverse is enough to convince me the shit’s about to hit the fan because people actually want it to hit the fan. In the meantime, there’s more than enough entertainment to … Continue reading October 21 * 2020